Privacy policy

What do we collect?

@tempname# mobile app and our web page, for the purpose of enabling you its service, collects the following information about you:


How is your location tracked

All interaction with the Map tab is managed via Google Maps APIs. @tempname# app receives your location update and calculate if there are any offers nearby, if yes - your mobile app will receive a response with a list of places and put them on the map. If you press "send me a broadcast" button you will receive all broadcasts visible on the map to your chosen @tempname# mail-box. Your location is not stored on the server. It is only used to calculate which broadcasts fulfills the criteria and should be shown.


We collect:

We do use 3-rd parties

Google MAP APIs+Google Places APIs Terms and services Privacy policy Fabric - to observe and be able to react on app crashes. Fabrick helps us to debug production issues if occurred. Their policies can be found here Firebase cloud messaging - allows us to occasionally send you notifications (if you allow for that in your phone settings). Privacy policy

How do we collect that information?

You will be asked to fill out the sign-up form during the registration process. Username, the password is mandatory. That information is needed for you to be able to log in and use the application. All information that we gather on our servers is manually implemented by your hand.

If you are a user - that's all

If you are a Company

- on the admin panel after you sign in you will find your profile info described above. The company name is mandatory, all others are optional.

How you may change or remove your account information?

What can be edited for companies:

Everything except your account name and your account type. If you need to change this setting please feel free to reach out us directly After changing your username some information in your app may not be refreshed e.g. your contact name in your friends contact lists. We strongly discourage editing that information. Those data should be removed from the database and the new account should be created.

Do we disclose any information to outside parties?

We will not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to third parties unless required by law. We have built in @tempname# channel that can be used for sending you updates but everything within an app.

Who is we: Jackfruit - Katarzyna Suska NIP: 8992664522 , REGON: 368014379 Tomaszowska 18/3 50-523 Wrocław, Poland